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Tag: ulcerative colitis

IBD is annoying . . . .

I have missed doing the things i love, like writing for this blog . . . Past few months have been annoying! I refuse to say hard because overall i’m living a good life and is now grateful i’m healthy again . . “now” is the keyword. Last time I chatted with you I was going in for a colonoscopy because the bleeding, stomach pains, and frequent trips to the bathroom came back with revenge. The results of the colonoscopy showed I had proctitis which is¬†an inflammation of the lining… Read more IBD is annoying . . . .

Being Vulnerable . . .

It’s been a while, sorry ūüė¶ but I do miss writing it soothes my soul lol Just went to a friend’s farewell party and to be honest wasn’t sure I was going to go due to the¬†headache I’ve had all day, but she was leaving to follow her dreams and moving to the big city NYC! So I wanted to be there. It was a very emotional night, a lot of kind words were said about her, then it came time for people to speak. I didn’t want to speak… Read more Being Vulnerable . . .

Humira it is . . . .

Earlier this week I FINALLY saw my GI, even though it was only for 5 minutes. .The PA and my GI both agreed that the next step of my treatment is Humira. ¬†Since I’ve been bleeding for the past month and the low dosage of prednisone has had no effect, and Apriso has never worked (I believe), they believe Humira is the next best thing. ¬†My application has been submitted and I assume I just wait to hear from my GI office to pick it up or it’s being shipped… Read more Humira it is . . . .

Kudos to: Rebecca Zamolo :)

I’ll admit my biggest fear with this disease is ¬†the possibility of living with an ostomy bag. ¬†Just the thought of a bag being “attached” to me gives¬†me chills. I hope that day will never come. When I found the below video on YouTube of an ambitious young woman¬†who had to make the¬†decision to have her entire colon removed, it touched my heart. After watching the video I cried, not because her life seemed to be difficult with an¬†ostomy bag, but because she persevered. The video is very inspirational and… Read more Kudos to: Rebecca Zamolo ūüôā