Demand RESPECT . . .

When you’re sick you would expect out of all people your doctor would be the most compassionate, but it’s not always the case.  As a patient you spend so much of your time and money to seek professional help to get healthy, but then you start to realize your illness is just a paycheck for some. How disturbing and disrespectful! So . . . since they view your illness and regular appointments as transactions, well I need to view them as a business too.  I am taking time out of my day and money out of my pockets to see a doctor for a service. I expect quality service as soon as I walk in. If I continuously receive bad service I will take my money and time elsewhere. . I know this is easier said than done especially when seeing a GI since there are so few GI doctors, but as patients we have to demand respect, and our questions/concerns should be taken seriously. We’re NOT craving for attention, we’re sick!!!

I found the below clip from the Golden Girls on my fbook newsfeed, it spoke volumes for me and has given me new-found confidence whenever I visit a doctor. Please watch and share!

Kudos to Dr. Phil :) . . .

I really believe there is little awareness in mainstream media about Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), so when I see a clip about IBD on TV, I get excited!

Kudos to the Dr. Phil show for spreading awareness about IBD!

Please watch below and share with your family and friends. It’s a great video about what is IBD.