Medicine Haul . . .

For those that have an IBD the amount of pills you take daily can be overwhelming for most. When you tell people, “Yeah I take 10+ pills a day” . . and hear a gasp or OMG! You feel just as sad, but it eventually becomes another daily routine.  It’s not fun or easy, but it needs to be done in order to force your symptoms into remission.

I found the below video on YouTube of a brave young woman who has been living with colitis for over a decade. She gives viewers insight into her daily life living with UC.  All credit goes to  her.

Maybe one day I’ll create my own medicine haul.

Tick, tock, pop . . . .

It’s crazy how my daily life is controlled by my prescriptions. Since I have to take 8 pills, 5 before noon, sleeping-in on the weekends is out of the question.  When I wake up after 9am on a Saturday I’m mad, and that’s depressing 😦  During the week I have the following things with me at all times: my cellphone (who wears a watch these days), pill box, and a glass of water.  While working at my desk or attending a meeting, all I’m thinking is tick, tock, and pop a pill . . 

About a month ago there was no need for a pillbox and I barely took my daily multivitamin pills. To go from that to 6 pills a day, and recently increased to 8 pills a day, it is a serious lifestyle change. I commute to work and every morning I double, triple check my purse to make sure I don’t forget my pills.  And then I think, OMG, what would happen if I did forget my pills? How do I explain to my boss why I will be late?   Would it make me look bad? Can I “survive” a day without my meds? . . . It’s stressful. Adapting to this new lifestyle has been stressful.

Even though taking 8 pills a day is “ruff”, I am starting to feel better.  I can tell because my appetite is back and I’m sleeping better. I didn’t even realize until now that for the past few months I have been self medicating myself. I was taking antacids and anti-diarrhea meds almost everyday, and drank ginger ale daily to settle my stomach.  I was already living the tick, tock, pop lifestyle in order to get through the day. Took an antacid right after breakfast, then after several trips to restroom took Imodium, then a ginger ale during lunch. After lunch I was good as long as I didn’t snack or drank coffee.

I made an appointment to meet with one of my GI’s colleagues next week.  I believe I have the most popular GI in my city, its like making an appointment to meet the Pope lately.  It’s very frustrating. But I plan to ask if I’m properly taking the pills, and questions about diet and exercise. I have so many questions . . . I hope they have answers. And if they don’t have the answers to my questions, am I willing to accept that? . . .So many thoughts . . .