New Chapter . . .

Today was Day 2 at the new job and its weird because it feels like I’ve been at the job a lot longer.  A friend said, “Wow you must feel really comfortable there” . . I guess I do. I’ve met some pretty cool people so far  and I’m not complaining for once, it’s a good thing.

The bathroom situation is not the greatest. There are multiple restrooms but only two stalls in each , so grateful I have my poop-purri. Luckily my cubicle is very close to the restroom and it’s not very obvious if I go multiple times.

I was very surprised to hear multiple people discussing their special diet. On the first day, one of my team members stated how her sister-in-law has celiac disease, and I chimed in and said how I’m on a gluten-free diet, which I regret . . Of course the next question is, do you have celiac disease? Why are you on a gluten-free diet? . . . ummm. . . I discovered gluten irritates my digestive system. . .  . Idk why I’m comfortable telling the blogosphere about my disease but not my new coworkers. I just feel  like it’s not the right time, but it is comforting that they are understanding of people who have a special diet.  I believe if I have that conversation about my IBD I will have to discuss my hospital stay, and I don’t want to tell my boss I was in the hospital for 5 days 4 months ago . .  .Idk I’ll leave it be, when the right time comes I’ll talk about it.

Choosing my new benefits was a challenge. With this new job my medical benefits come out of my check, of course my first choice was the cheapest insurance. But I had to grow up and tell myself, “Krystal you have a chronic illness, be smart” The most expensive plan is taking more money out of my pockets now, but will save me a lot in the future. Hopefully I’ll be in remission next year, fingers crossed.

Big leap of faith . .

So I got a new job. . which is the worst timing when it comes to my IBD treatment. Even though I have been having issues lately in regards to my joints, and blood sugar, I have been okay otherwise. Honestly, the bad days I have had lately I believe are a result of severe stress from my current job. I remember sitting at my desk last week saying to myself, “this place is going to put me back in the hospital” . .  Just too much going on and other team members have left, so it’s been stressful for everyone. Also, it might have been a sign for me to go when my hard-drive crashed two weeks ago and all my files from the past 2 years disappeared. . .

When you start a new job you have to survive the 90 day probation, and I am hoping I will be well enough to make it without needing to see any of my doctors. I have not revealed my illness to my new employer yet, since I’m still not officially diagnosed, and my condition is not considered severe, I plan to earn my keep/respect from colleagues before I reveal myself as the “sick girl”. I know it’s a big risk, but before I was diagnosed I  was sick for months at my job and never took off. Now that I know what is going on and what to avoid, I believe I will be fine. Everything will be okay.

I gave my notice on Friday and this past weekend was the best sleep I have had in like a year.  I do not recall the last time I have been so relaxed. Speaking to family members on the phone they said I sounded different, even happy. Which is sooo not me lol For the first time ever I am not worried when I feel like I should be? right? This job is further away so my commute is longer, and I will lose the great benefits and IBD friendly environment at my current job, but having those benefits was not enough to keep me there. Who knows what I’ll say 3-6 months from now, I might say I should have stayed, but I will not regret taking this risk. . . .

I finally see my GI next week and sent another email today via the patient portal on how I will start tapering my prednisone intake down to 20mg a day. I wonder if I will even receive a response? Either way, we will need to discuss the next steps in my treatment, he has had 2 months to figure it out hopefully I will finally get an answer. My goal for the appointment next week is to stock up on whatever meds he wants to put me on, and make it clear to him that I will not be able to see him for months, or maybe never again.  I am somewhat glad my insurance will be different at the new job, it will force me to find a new GI. . . I swear I sound like a crazy person . . . but I’m happy . . and sleeping well, which is awesome!

Remaining hopeful and taking one day at a time 🙂