Can I have a drink? Of course! :)

I just realized that I have not had a cup of coffee or a beer in two years! That’s so crazy!! But, I have become a “wine connoisseur” lately, it doesn’t bother my gut. In addition to vodka and gin, wine is one alcoholic drink that does not make me violently ill.

I have discovered a new pastime, Winery Day Trips! I’ve been to 4 since July. It’s low energy, good time with friends, and bougie as hell and I love it! lol  It’s one of the few times when I am relaxing and having fun. After an entire day of drinking a person with a normal immune system would be exhausted so how do I do it? I don’t! I still suffer, but there are little things I do to prevent me from becoming violently ill.

This past weekend was my 3rd trip to a winery and I  prepared by buying Gatorade, Imodium, and granola bars. Staying hydrated is key, I purposely drink Gatorade all day and the next. Before leaving my apartment I did not eat anything but a granola bar, being on a bus for more than an hour I wanted nothing to irritate my stomach, but brought Imodium just in case.

Throughout our winery trip, I had a glass, then another, and many more followed, while snacking on multi-grain and butter crackers, salami, and various dips, luckily I was okay. The killer was the hibachi grill after the winery, my stomach looked like I was 7 months preggers on my way home . . .  must have been the garlic. I spent the next day on the couch with painkillers and drinking Gatorade once again . . .But I felt pretty good today, proud of myself that I can still have a little fun 🙂

Still waiting on the blood work results . . . sighs . . as always remaining hopeful and taking one day at a time. .  .

I can eat anything! . . . . :(

Lies . . . Lies . .. the Lies I tell!

After a very stressful week the new boss took me and my coworker out to lunch last Friday. I was asked by both where do you want to eat, I just said it doesn’t matter. Since I work in a very corporate and fancy area I was pretty sure all restaurants in  the area had a variety of items on their menu. Then my co-worker mentioned Maggiano’s, I said sure and told my boss we wanted to go there. He said sure, “I can eat anything, I said me too!” As soon as I said it, I swear my stomach growled. I immediately felt guilty  and went back to my desk to look at their menu. I started screaming to myself, “Why of all places would you agree to go to an Italian restaurant, what can I eat there?!?!” Looked at their menu and found a salmon and avocado sandwich, my best option, I was relieved and ready to go.

We arrived at the restaurant and the waiter mentioned to please let her know of any food allergies and we do have a gluten free menu . . . . I bit my tongue. I didn’t want it to be a conversation starter as to why I’m eating gluten-free food, such conversation could lead to me revealing my illness . . which I am still uncomfortable with telling my co-workers. I ordered the salmon sandwich and was grateful the salmon was grilled. As a side, I had potato wedges which I thought would be risky but stuck with it.

After the meal I was happily full and no TummyWoes, I was overjoyed. Back at my desk and exactly 30 minutes later I had to run to the bathroom, thank god for poopourri 😦

It was good while it lasted.



I have missed drinking . . .

This past week has been a true test for my body because I’m totally torturing it  . . . ever since I landed back in DC last Sunday evening and went to work the next day, I have barely rested. Wednesday night I once again fell asleep in my work clothes, but I got a little help from a pink punch martini. And my social drinking continued with happy hour Thursday night, and a housewarming party last night. This is the most social I’ve been in like a year, and for me to be invited, RSVP yes, and actually have the energy to show up, is definitely  improvement.

But when you have active IBD it will always remind you,”I’m still here”. After running errands this morning, I have been in bed since 2pm and  it’s now 10pm. However, maybe my fatigue today might not just be from having IBD, I might actually be hung over lol Either way, my stomach is fine which is happily surprising. Lately when I do drink, I only consume vodka, gin, or dry white wine. I read somewhere that those type of drinks are gut friendly and I have to agree.

I was totally out of my comfort zone last night only knowing one of the hosts at the housewarming party. My anxiety was at a dangerous level at first , I was standing in the corner for a bit playing with their cat. Then my friend asked “What are you drinking?” and listed the many options. Looking around I noticed the  vast amount of wine bottles on their kitchen counter and the stash in their fridge, and swallowed hard thinking this is going to be a “ruff” night. After my 2nd cup of wine those butterflies were gone and I started feeling comfortable and talking to almost everyone at the party. Liquid courage is a beautiful thing 😉  Then peer pressure appeared, my friend the host, wanted to say cheers by taking a shot of vodka. Her friend who grew up in Ukraine happened to bring a bottle of peppered vodka. Of course i said no at first, I already had about 3 cups of wine, but I gave in and thought well it has to be the good stuff, and I’ll admit it was very smooth. After that drink I was pretty much done and hot!! I was like I haven’t been drunk in so long, it was a relaxing feeling. I silently said to myself, “I miss this feeling”.  I was never an alchie, but I have always enjoyed drinking and wine/beer festivals, so when I was diagnosed I was sad knowing that part of my life would have to “end”.

I’ll admit I’ve been feeling better lately, maybe Humira is working for me? I’ll know for sure in a few weeks, have a colonoscopy scheduled right before New Years just like last year, fingers crossed for remission!

#7daysofIBD – Day 3 Flying!

I’m flying to Texas for the weekend, a quick weekend getaway. I’m excited and scared at the same time. Excited for BBQ and real Mexican food and scared to eat BBQ and real Mexican food . . . sighs . . I gotta be cautious this weekend, but I think I’m prepared. Of course I packed my meds, poop-pourri, cottonelle  wipes, and Imodium.

I’m currently sitting in the airport and my dilemma was what to eat for an early dinner. I decided Greenleaf’s would be “safe” but then I ordered a Panini with turkey breast, avocado, chipotle mayo, and pepperjack cheese on multigrain bread with a frostie. . .

I might regret this . . but I have an hour before boarding. Hopefully if I need to go, its before I get on the plane. Wish me luck!!

You gotta laugh :) . . . Fiber One commerical, “expecting”

Have you guys seen this commercial?!? I was crying from laughter by the end, it’s freaking hilarious and unfortunately relatable  😦 . . sighs lol Check it out and share if you know someone who needs a good laugh 🙂

You gotta laugh :) . . . That one time . .

I love BuzzFeed. They always have videos that everyone can relate to, and one thing that everyone does is poop. Unfortunately for us IBDers it happens more often, sometimes uncontrollable, painful, and many other things . . but I won’t get into all that.

Anyway, this video made me laugh. I believe everyone has had “That one time  . . ” moment. Unlike the average Joe, people living with IBD have learned to be well prepared, that’s a good thing right? . . . I know I’m stretching it, but trying to see the positive! 🙂

I’m packing my “emergency kit” for my car now after watching this video.

An IBD experience . .

Every since I started this new job I have been pleasantly surprised by the lack of urgency to go to the restroom. I sat comfortably during back to back meetings for 3 hours sitting far away from the door,  and in one meeting the entire staff was present. I was in awe of how far I have come. But! as always those good days are short-lived when you have IBD.

It was after a team lunch at Lebanese Taverna that my stomach started talking to me.  If my stomach could speak, I’m pretty sure it said “hey old friend, you miss me?” As I gripped my stomach with my left hand and grabbed my poo-pourri with the right, I walked briskly to the restroom. In addition to disliking the 2-stall bathroom layout I also hate that the toilets automatically flush. After I sprayed the poo-pourri I  quickly realized the censor was very sensitive.  As I leaned forward to get paper the toilet flushed, there went the poo-pourri!! When I leaned back the toilet flushed again! Then I heard someone knocking on the door. “Is anyone in here?” said a man’s voice, I yelled, YES! out of frustration and decided to give up. As I walked out the stall the toilet decided to flush a few more times and I just shook my  head. I washed my hands, exited the restroom, and smiled through pain at the janitor who was waiting outside  Before heading back to my desk a coworker said, “free food in the kitchen!” I said “no thanks!” . .  sighs . . .

New Chapter . . .

Today was Day 2 at the new job and its weird because it feels like I’ve been at the job a lot longer.  A friend said, “Wow you must feel really comfortable there” . . I guess I do. I’ve met some pretty cool people so far  and I’m not complaining for once, it’s a good thing.

The bathroom situation is not the greatest. There are multiple restrooms but only two stalls in each , so grateful I have my poop-purri. Luckily my cubicle is very close to the restroom and it’s not very obvious if I go multiple times.

I was very surprised to hear multiple people discussing their special diet. On the first day, one of my team members stated how her sister-in-law has celiac disease, and I chimed in and said how I’m on a gluten-free diet, which I regret . . Of course the next question is, do you have celiac disease? Why are you on a gluten-free diet? . . . ummm. . . I discovered gluten irritates my digestive system. . .  . Idk why I’m comfortable telling the blogosphere about my disease but not my new coworkers. I just feel  like it’s not the right time, but it is comforting that they are understanding of people who have a special diet.  I believe if I have that conversation about my IBD I will have to discuss my hospital stay, and I don’t want to tell my boss I was in the hospital for 5 days 4 months ago . .  .Idk I’ll leave it be, when the right time comes I’ll talk about it.

Choosing my new benefits was a challenge. With this new job my medical benefits come out of my check, of course my first choice was the cheapest insurance. But I had to grow up and tell myself, “Krystal you have a chronic illness, be smart” The most expensive plan is taking more money out of my pockets now, but will save me a lot in the future. Hopefully I’ll be in remission next year, fingers crossed.

Bye bye Prednisone!

I FINALLY had my follow-up with the GI yesterday . . . oops . . I lied . . I finally had a follow-up with the physician assistant. Of course I did not know I will not be seeing my GI until I arrived, how professional! . . I waited to see the physician assistant and it was as eventful as I anticipated.

Her first question was, “What is going on with your blood sugar? How are you pre-diabetic?” It is very irresponsible of your doctor to say you’re pre-diabetic, looking at your blood sugar in the past 6 months it has been consistent nothing unusual. Does your doctor know you’re on prednisone? If she knew, she would not have said you’re pre-diabetic. Do you have the lab results? . . . . My response was, Hello to you too!

I was taken back that she was somewhat offended that my doctor said I was pre-diabetic, like it bruised her ego. I looked at her and thought, I’m the one that’s mad, I’m the one with the freaking illness!! I said to her, “since we both agree that the prednisone caused my blood sugar to increase significantly in the past month, when am I getting off of it?”  I told her how the past week I decided to start tapering off and lowered my dosage to 20mg/daily from 40mg.  She said since you haven’t had any major symptoms, let’s continue to taper off and  do 10mg for the next 3 days, than 5mg for another 3 days, then stop. I said thank you Jesus, Hallelujah!!   I have been on prednisone since March, and the fewer pills I have to take, the closer to remission!! I can smell it! lol

Also during the visit, I expressed to her my frustrations lately with the staff and the lack of communication from my GI in the past 6 weeks. When I told her how the receptionist told me to call my doctor about joint pains since this was a GI office. She apologized and told me to  be meaner on the phone next time . .  wtf??!?! lol She said it’s the only way they will learn, and they are in the process of training their non-medical staff to improve customer service. I’m assuming I’m not the only one that has complained.

She also told me too much information about my GI. The reason why he has been out of office for the past few weeks is because his father suddenly passed away, and they found his body. OMG . . I felt so sad and it made me realize that doctors have lives and families too.  I felt like a whiny brat for my attitude yesterday . .

As a result of this interesting visit, I have to get blood work done twice. Got it done yesterday and in two weeks, which will be a week off the prednisone. Also, my GI will review the notes that the PA took yesterday to determine what is the next step in my treatment. She stated that I need to make an appointment in 2 months or sooner, I told her I’ll be back in 90 days. Since I’m starting my new job in two weeks, I will only take leave without pay if I absolutely need to. And since it took 6 weeks to “see” my GI yesterday after that appointment was rescheduled twice, I’ll take my time going back to his office.

Remaining hopeful! Taking one day at a time.