Dark Times

Obviously my plan of posting weekly fell through smh . . . never thought working from remotely would be so hectic. The entire month of April & May I working an average of 12 hours a day, eating fast food because by the time I finished working, it was 8 pm and I was hungry. As a result I’ve gained at least 10 pounds, severe bloating no matter what I eat, and of course still paranoid that I might get the rona virus. Stressed to the max . . . Exhausting.

As a person with a compromised immune system and a person of color, this year just keeps getting worst. For the month of June I’ve decided to start living a healthier lifestyle. Since we’ve been told we will be working remotely until labor day, I have the following plan to enhance my life physically and mentally.

Enjoy the outdoors – I live in a highrise small 1-bedroom apartment with no balcony, just a big window. When I was working those crazy hours I was literally in my apartment for days, like 4-5 days that I had not left my apartment! It was insanity. My daily routine was work, work, eat, watch tv, fall asleep on couch, move to bed around 3am, and then do it all over it again. I was miserable. Moving forward my goal is to go for a 1-hour walk at least three days a week at the bare minimum. Me exercising in any other way will not happen until gyms reopen, so I’ve given up on that goal. Currently looking into hiking trails.

Have a social life outside of Zoom work meetings

I am in no hurry to see my coworkers again, I see them almost daily via the unnecessary amount of zoom meetings. It’s gotten to a point I cannot stand to look at my face. As a result, I’ve been breaking social distancing rules like staying at my moms for a week at a time, inviting one friend over. To social distance safe socializing such as virtual happy hours, facetime family members etc. Currently looking into virtual networking events so whenever quarantine is over, I can hopefully look into new opportunities.

Therapy – I recently signed up again for betterhelp.com, online therapy service. Speaking to my counselor for the past 2 months has been a lifesaver. Plan to increase my communications with her and join a friend’s weekly “sister circle”. It an online group of black women talking about everyday topics, having those discussions and being apart of a community would be helpful. Also I want to buy plants lol I need to create a zen environment within my small apartment, looking into a mini waterfall too.

Eating healthier – Decided to start a pescartian diet that will hopefully help me lose this gut and reduce the amount of fast food I was eating. Since seafood is expensive, I’ll have a cheat day or two, but consciously eating the right food that is healthy and good for my gut I should hopefully get the results I desire.

Stop online shopping – It’s insane how many products I have purchased since qurantine started, just bought some more hair products today! It’s a problem. As a deterrance I have purposedly randomized my amazon account password to something I have forgotten already. Trying to hold off ordering anything else for the rest of this month.

Lastly, with the pandemic and George Floyd, we are truly living through dark times and for the first time I can say everyone is suffering in some way. It’s scary and very sad times. To my fellow americans of color I see you, and feel your pain, and always we live and take each day at a time. To my non-people of color allies, thank you for the support in all the peaceful protests and I ask that you stick around after the cops’ conviction. Things can only change if we’re all in this together. #blacklivesmatter

‘Tis the season . . .


Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays everyone!

I hope this day is filled with much joy and you got everything you wished for! 🙂

With every holiday there is always some sort of tradition, I might have a new one! This will be my 2nd year getting a colonoscopy before the New Year. I like to say I’m starting the New Year right with a good ole body cleanse, literally . . Like last year I am nervous going into this colonoscopy. I just hope I’m better. Taking 10 pills a day plus a Humira injection every two weeks it starting to show its effects. My hair has officially stopped growing everywhere, and the hair on my head is still falling out 😦 Also, I have noticed open sores around my neck and chest, looks like I have freckles. . . I really would love to get off these meds! And for the first time in years I have a cold, “perfect timing” to be sick during the holidays and days before a medical procedure . . my body is tired.

Remaining hopeful and living one day at a time   . .

#7daysofIBD – Days 6 & 7

Day 6 – Spoiled Guts

day 6 2
My favorite souvenir!

It was my last day in Texas and I was sad because I had fun and it was a beautiful sunny day. Even though the weather was nice I still had not gone to the bathroom in 2 days! I was suffering! Completely bloated, nauseous, and the symptoms only got worst on the airplane. I looked like the guy from the fiber one commercial. As soon as the plane landed in DC, I was completely exhausted.Before getting on metro to go home, I decided I should stop and eat before I pass out and ate at the first place I saw. OF COURSE it was Mexican food lol

day 6 3

Didn’t see another food spot close by, so I just accepted it and ordered a taco salad with  cheese and beans, hoping it would make me “go” . . . . and it did not. By the time I got home my late night snack was a bowl of oatmeal and lemon water, I was trying to find anything to clear me out!

Day 7 – Cleansed 😉

I went to the bathroom and for the first time in 2 days I did not feel bloated,  it was a good feeling! Unfortunately, that good feeling did not last because work was very stressful. Purposely took a short walk during lunch to ease my stomach pains. Didn’t leave work until 6:30pm and with the horrible commute didn’t get home until 7:15pm which isn’t too bad, DC/NOVA traffic is horrible!! But I went home with work on my mind and barely any food in the fridge. My dinner was a sandwich with gluten free ham & turkey, cheddar cheese,  and a glass of wine. YES a glass of wine, I don’t care how much it’s going to hurt later, all I know is that I’m gonna sleep well tonight 😉

IMG_2786 (1)
My current situation 🙂

I don’t know if these past 7 days have been interesting, exciting, or helped spread IBD awareness, but I was happy to participate and read other #7daysofIBD experiences.  I love my blog and will continue to spread IBD awareness is my own quirky way 🙂

#7daysofIBD – Day 3 Flying!

I’m flying to Texas for the weekend, a quick weekend getaway. I’m excited and scared at the same time. Excited for BBQ and real Mexican food and scared to eat BBQ and real Mexican food . . . sighs . . I gotta be cautious this weekend, but I think I’m prepared. Of course I packed my meds, poop-pourri, cottonelle  wipes, and Imodium.

I’m currently sitting in the airport and my dilemma was what to eat for an early dinner. I decided Greenleaf’s would be “safe” but then I ordered a Panini with turkey breast, avocado, chipotle mayo, and pepperjack cheese on multigrain bread with a frostie. . .

I might regret this . . but I have an hour before boarding. Hopefully if I need to go, its before I get on the plane. Wish me luck!!