Kudos to : Katharine Elkington :)

Photo Credit: Rachael Shane
Photo Credit: Rachael Shane

I hope you all got to read an article that was published via Yahoo News this past weekend titled, This is My Body Today: What I’ve Lost and What I’m Learning. It’s a powerful story about a young woman and her struggle living with Ulcerative Colitis. After reading her article, I had tears in my eyes. Tears of sadness and hope.

I had lost those 16 pounds due to lack of nutrients, but still had a summer tan and defined muscles from yoga. My body was quite literally dying, but I kept hearing how great I looked. I was so angry with those people for complimenting me. How could they not see my constant pain? How could they see what I had lost as beauty? (Elkington, K., “This is My Body Today: What I’ve Lost and What I’m Learning”, 2015)

I’m starting to see this article pop up everywhere and even the CCFA shared it.  So please read and share.

Full article: https://www.yahoo.com/beauty/this-is-my-body-today-what-ive-lost-and-what-im-115940443688.html

Kudos to Katharine Elkington for spreading awareness about IBD!

Positive vibes . . . :)

The past 3 weeks have been a new low for me, but I am happy to say for the past 24 hours it has been a good day! And this beautiful weather is totally matching my mood.  I’ve been out running errands and even attended my first crohn’s/colitis support group through the CCFA.  It was a very positive experience, and to meet other young people of difference races with this disease, it was very comforting. It was also great to talk about symptoms in graphic detail without grossing people out, that was pretty cool. I plan to keep attending and the facilitator stated how today was a smaller turn out, so it’s exciting that  it might be a larger group next time.

For my fellow IBDers or parents that have children with IBD, I highly advise that you look into CCFA local chapters and their support groups. Writing this blog has been a wonderful experience and my online community has been very supportive, but I will admit, meeting people in your area that have the same disease is even better. Check out the link below.


In regards to my blog, its being featured in a new online blogger magazine titled “Twenty Somethings” which is freaking awesome!  And if you’re a blogger in your 20’s, they are looking for new bloggers for the summer edition, so check it out!   https://issuu.com/twentysomethings/docs/twenty_somethings_-_edition_1/1?e=0

Lastly, I have the song “Whistle while you work it” stuck in my head. I heard it on Pandora recently and it put a smile on my face this past week. I think it’s an uplifting song and I love the beat. Just wanted to share 🙂

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As always, I remain hopeful 🙂