You gotta laugh :) . . . Fiber One commerical, “expecting”

Have you guys seen this commercial?!? I was crying from laughter by the end, it’s freaking hilarious and unfortunately relatable  😦 . . sighs lol Check it out and share if you know someone who needs a good laugh 🙂

You gotta laugh :) . . . That one time . .

I love BuzzFeed. They always have videos that everyone can relate to, and one thing that everyone does is poop. Unfortunately for us IBDers it happens more often, sometimes uncontrollable, painful, and many other things . . but I won’t get into all that.

Anyway, this video made me laugh. I believe everyone has had “That one time  . . ” moment. Unlike the average Joe, people living with IBD have learned to be well prepared, that’s a good thing right? . . . I know I’m stretching it, but trying to see the positive! 🙂

I’m packing my “emergency kit” for my car now after watching this video.

You gotta laugh :) . . . .

Thanks to this FODMAP diet or just overall feeling better because I enjoy eating again! However, there have been days where I have eaten too much (prednisone!) and have had a similar experience like the kid in the video below.

Thank goodness for benefiber! 🙂 Enjoy!

You gotta laugh – Vines . . . :)

I swear I’m too old to have a Vine account, but on the days when I was so exhausted that I could barely get out of bed, I spent an hour on my cell laughing at silly Vines. I also believe I have the sense of humor of a 12-year-old boy when it comes to poop jokes, so Vine is perfect for that!!  Hopefully the below videos make you smile and laugh as much as I do 🙂

You gotta laugh – Awkward Bathroom moments :) . . .

Sighs . . . to all my fellow IBDers this video might make you more anxious than laugh lol But I think its a funny BuzzFeed video that everyone can relate to. Check it out 🙂

uc funny2

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My struggle with fast food – Friday the 13th . . .

Friday the 13th will forever having a new meaning, it was the first day since my diagnosis that I ate fast food all day! I know, it’s really bad! But, it was the first day in this new year where I had many errands and was out all day.

It all started with the free lunch at work, which was pizza. I was given a day’s notice and the plan was to pack my lunch to avoid eating pizza, but when I got home Thursday night, i just watched the news and passed out. A lunch was never packed . . . It was now Friday and lunch time. There were 20 boxes of Papa John’s pizza of all variations and soda. A truly lose-lose situation for me, but luckily the pizza was dry with little sauce. I picked up two slices, one pepperoni and the other meat works, I know! really bad! smh . . . And grabbed a cup of Sierra Mist since it was the only caffeine-free soda available . A couple of hours later, no symptoms, I felt good.

Later that afternoon I left work for a dentist appointment and blood work. In between appointments i went to Starbucks and got a tall iced Chai Latte with skim milk. I assumed I was being colitis conscious by getting it iced and with skim milk, even though it was a caffeinated drink. . . eh .  . . i was still good an hour later.

After I went to both appointments it was now early evening and I was hungry. I walked to the nearby Noodles & Company. I know! all the carbs and salt is bad, but I was hungry and I had a craving for noodles. I got the Japanese Pan noodles with beef. The beef was good, but the noodles were just a salty mess. When I finally returned to my apartment, I added a good amount of water to reduce the salt and spiciness. It was not an appetizing meal and will be the last time I get any food from there. In the picture below, doesn’t it look like worms? Not appetizing at all right? So now when you think of Noodles & Company you will probably think about worms, you’re welcome! lol 🙂


I was back at my apartment for only a short time because I was going away for the weekend.  As i was near my final destination after a 90 minute drive, I stopped at McDonald’s. I was not hungry but I did have an appetite and realized Shamrock shakes are back. I know! really bad! . . . .  I got a small shake with no whip cream, I thought it would be okay, but shortly after I started belching like crazy  . . . sighs . .


It wasn’t until 10pm that night when I started to see the consequences of my actions. After such a long day, I was completely exhausted and as I was getting ready for bed, i touched my stomach and it was hard. When i looked in the mirror, it looked like I was 4-5 months pregnant from severe bloating.  That whole night as I tried to sleep all I could here was my stomach, It was like I was being lectured.  I eventually felt better the next day after trips to the bathroom and drinking lots of water.

I learned a lot from Friday the 13th . . . I need to be serious about my diet and make smarter choices.  sighs . . . You live and you learn 🙂

You gotta laugh – Haribo Gummi Candy :) . . . .

A friend forwarded me a link to about Haribo Gummi candy reviews. At first, I did not know Amazon sold gummy bears and that you could buy a 10 lb pound bag!!   After getting over that shock I noticed something very odd, this candy had over 1,300 reviews. Why does gummy bears have that many reviews on Amazon?!? Then I started to read the reviews and they all had something in common, people were telling their experience of digestive torture that this candy had ensued upon them!!.  There are reviews titled as “I have seen the face of God! . . .Wet-ing my pants, and alternate colonscopy prep”.  These reviews are hilarious!  And I was very surprised because I love gummy bears, but never noticed the candy bothering my stomach . . hmmm  . . .

Anyway, I encourage all my fellow IBDers to read these reviews if you are in need of a good laugh. Not only are the reviews funny, but also relatable 😦  Below is an excerpt from my favorite review titled, “Do not bring to sporting events”

After the excitement of the 1st quarter has ended I take my son out to get him a bottled water and myself a beer. We return to our seats to enjoy our candy and drinks.
………… forward until 1 minute before half time………..
I have begun to sweat a sweat that is only meant for a man on mile 19 of a marathon. I have kicked out my legs out so straight that I am violently pushing the gentleman wearing a suit seated in front of me forward. He is not happy, I do not care. My hands are on the side of my seat not unlike that of a gymnast on a pommel horse, lifting me off my chair. My son is oblivious to what is happening next to him, after all, there is a mascot running around somewhere and he is eating candy. I realize that at some point in the very near to immediate future I am going to have to allow this lava from Satan to forcefully expel itself from my innards. I also realize that I have to walk up 24 stairs just to get to level ground in hopes to make it to the bathroom . . . .

I’m pretty sure on this day he was suffering from this too . . .  lol

I know at times i have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy lol, but my 3 month colonscopy  follow-up appointment is this week, and i’m very anxious . . .  . . . sometimes you gotta laugh 🙂