Living in NOVA

For those of you that live outside of the DMV (DC, MD, VA) area NOVA (northern Virginia) has a reputation for having horrible traffic and drivers. I have been living in NOVA for 6 months and I have become that horrible driver. The main reason why there are so many accidents is because people have NO patience. As I sat at a red light waiting to turn weeks ago, I rolled my eyes to the loud honking behind me from the woman in the minivan. Then yesterday, when I had the green light to turn at the same traffic light, a car from the opposing traffic decided to turn too, so I slammed on my car horn. The entire drive to work I was mad and stressed and by the time I left work I was exhausted and preparing myself for the rush hour traffic. Then once I finally got home I had to deal with the noise of my neighbor’s squeaky door and Ms. Godzilla that lives above me. However, for some reason lately, at 10pm I get this sudden burst of energy and can’t sleep until 1am. I wake up exhausted the next day and do it all over again . .

Now let’s add an autoimmune disease to this daily routine. For four days straight I had all day headaches, thank god it stopped. I was definitely considering the ER. When I finally did go to sleep, I fell asleep in my work clothes, and routinely woke up to wash my face/brush my teeth 2am in the morning. In addition to the severe fatigue and headaches, I have also experienced acne, dehydration, and  chapped lips, so I asked my doctor to get blood work done. I think  I might be really anemic. It’s sad when you look forward to blood work so you can figure out what the hell is going on. I’m really tired . .. . I worked out for the first time in months last weekend, my body is still recovering, feels like I ran a marathon.

I have also noticed lately, I have no patience and lack of sympathy for anyone. No longer feel sorry for my neighbor upstairs, I’m sick of her apologizing for the loud noise when she keeps doing it, ready to move! A few weeks ago when I was 2 hours late to work because I could not physically get out of bed, I finally told my boss I have Crohn’s and how a late morning like today might routinely happened, I was surprised how nervous I was. He took it very well and revealed to me he has diabetes.  This week we conductedinterviews for a new staff member and I noticed my boss profusily sweating during the interview. It was sooo bad he had a wash cloth in his pocket to wipe his face every couple of minutes, and stated he does not know why he’s sweating because he’s freezing.  Afterwards he stated he believes it was a bad reaction to  new meds. As he left work early for like the 2nd day in the row I was mad, there are many days I wanted to leave early for not feeling well. . . I was surprised at the frustration I felt at a man that is clearly sick and needs medical attention

I need a break  . .. .

Bad customer service! . . . smh

I sent an email last week to my GI updating him on my new symptom of joint pains, specifically in my knees and my hips. It’s getting harder to stand up from a sitting position in the past couple of weeks and today I woke up with aches in my legs, hips, and back. I know stress and fatigue are factors since I worked 10 hour days this week and have not been able to sleep all week. 4-6 hours of sleep is not enough. Anyway, their immediate response was for me to come in and see the physician assistant, I of course resisted due to my last experience with her  smh lol Chaos at GI’s office part 2  But also, I had a scheduled follow-up with my GI on July 1st, I told them I can wait until then.  Well, that all changed when I got a phone call from the GI’s office the next day stating they will have to reschedule my July 1st appointment  . . . I rolled my eyes. I called back and now have an appointment scheduled for July 13th which is too far away for me.

I have been on prednisone (40 mg) daily since I was discharged from the hospital in late April and lately I think I’m experiencing bad side effects. In addition to joint pains, I have been experiencing insomnia, very anxious, irritability and moodiness. I almost got into an argument with a cashier at Giant because I had too many items in my cart for the express lane. I was so visibly upset that people stopped and looked and I quickly realized I needed to calm down.  I moved to another lane lol When I woke up today my body was aching, felt like I ran a marathon yesterday when the most physical activity I have had in weeks was walking from my job to the parking garage across the street. I decided to call back and request an appointment with the PA anyway,  but when I called the receptionist was very hesitant to book an appointment and asked about my symptoms.  I responded, “I’ve been having joint pains specifically in both my knees and my hips” before I could finish my statement she said, “You need to see your primary physician, this is an office of Gastroenterologists” in the most condescending way . . .

I was dead silent. I was so disgusted and thinking of every way to call her out of her name. She said she was looking at my file, so if she was competent at her job she would’ve realized that this is not my first appointment with a GI. And . . . Oh I don’t know . . . maybe the list of meds that I was on, but obviously she didn’t care. As a side note, I saw my primary physician yesterday. She agreed with me that my symptoms could be possible effects of long-term steroid use and agreed that I should begin to wear off, but wanted me to follow-up with my GI.  After a few seconds of dead silence she started speaking again, I immediately interrupted her and said, ” I would like to speak to a medical professional to know if these pains are associated with me being on prednisone for 3 months, and I have spoken with my primary physician and she told me to follow-up with my GI”. Her response was “oh well I can forward you to his voicemail and you can leave a message?”.  I said, “Please do!”.  . . I left a message and a few hours later I received a phone call from the GI’s office stating how my GI is out of office for the next 10 days but they will inform him about my symptoms and for me to please call again if they get worst.  . .  why didn’t they just say he is out of office?!?!?

After a very stressful week at work and feeling completely exhausted,  I sat on my bed crying. I was sooo frustrated . . .

Going out tonight and will have a drink! Taking one day at a time . . .