I wish Money Trees were real . . . .

money tree

I spent $34 on a gel manicure, and it was the BEST thing ever! It is the first time in a while that I spent money on something that made me smile. I didn’t realize how I denied myself the very simple pleasures in life. I would LOVE to go shopping! I WANT shoes . . . but, I NEED money to pay for my prescriptions, co-pays, and lab work.  I’ll estimate that my medical expenses cost a couple hundred a month.  I refuse to calculate the actual number, just thinking about it makes me anxious.

My snail mail for the past few months consist of a few coupons and medical bills. I receive some type of medical bill almost every two weeks this year, it’s exhausting. The crazy thing is that these expenses are just “maintenance”, maintaining my new life. No major medical procedures . . thank God!

Unfortunately, having IBD is not my only medical concern. I also have cavities! A year ago, cavities would have not been a big deal, but paying for fillings in addition to everything else, is just a another struggle.

Getting that gel manicure started a virus, I have since gotten my hair done and scheduled a massage lol. Believe it or not these “superficial” things make me feel better, and overall that is the goal 😉