Enema? no please! . . :(

I have a scheduled Flex Sigmoidoscopy next month and the prep instructions stated to complete an enema 1-2 hours prior.  How’s that gonna happen? The first time I ever had an enema was in the hospital and to be honest that is the only place I imagine where you get an enema professionally done in  a sterile environment. But you can buy a freaking enema kit from Rite Aid?!?! and I read you can do it yourself!?!? That sounds all fine and dandy for others but not for me . . . even if I am capable of doing it myself, I really don’t want to. . . I REALLY don’t want to . .  . I don’t want to do it at all.

I sent a message to my GI’s office asking if I could drink the nasty prep stuff the night before since my procedure is scheduled for 7:15am the next day. .  My GI’s response, he thinks it’s best that I get an enema done the morning of, since my colon needs to be cleansed close in time to the procedure. I haven’t responded yet because I need advice . . What would you do in my situation?  I’m about to cancel the procedure all together and go for the standard colonoscopy.  Getting that enema was a traumatic experience for me in the hospital, it was humiliating and painful at the same time. I don’t wanna get it done!  sighs . . . I don’t want to get used to this . .  . .

Follow-up with my GI . . .

I saw my GI this week and it was awkward, which I expected after the stern message I sent a few weeks ago. It was like seeing your ex or being in a room with someone you had a big fight with. It was awkward lol . . . I wasn’t happy to see him, and he seemed a little timid, very unusual for him. I laugh now, but was highly annoyed in the moment. We discussed again my symptoms and how he believes Humira will be my saving grace. Since I started Humira a month ago, it’s too early to tell if it’s working but to check my progress he would like to schedule a Flex Sigmoidoscopy. I believe it’s the same procedure I had in the hospital this past April, not a full colonoscopy but enough to get up in there! lol I have it scheduled for December 10th and I will not be sedated, should be interesting.  I plan to work from home that day, so as long as I can make it home safely. . . In the hospital I was given an enema an hour prior to the procedure. It was the most horrible experience of my life!! Looking at the prep for this procedure, it states “one to three hours before appointment, take one fleet enema” . . . . umm  who’s going to do that?!?!?  Once again I left with more questions than answers, looking for a 2nd opinion . . . .