You gotta laugh . . :)

I don't know why I find this so funny, but it's soo true!  I have now accepted that my symptoms will always persist. 

Chaos at the GI’s office . . . . part 2!

After my GI's annoying behavior it was just me and the PA  again. She goes over all my medications and told me how for certain prescriptions I am only supposed to take as needed. I cocked my head to the side and asked,  "why wasn't that stated in the prescription instructions?" Her response was, "its only supposed to … Continue reading Chaos at the GI’s office . . . . part 2!

So sick of . . .

I am so sick of seeing white walls . . . the walls of my doctors' offices, walls of my pharmacy, walls of my job. I'm so sick of paying for co-pays, prescription re-fills, and medical bills.  I'm so sick of medical assistants with bad attitudes, I'm just done lately. I went to see my … Continue reading So sick of . . .