Enema? no please! . . :(

I have a scheduled Flex Sigmoidoscopy next month and the prep instructions stated to complete an enema 1-2 hours prior. ¬†How's that gonna happen? The first time I ever had an enema was in the hospital and to be honest that is the only place I imagine where you get an enema professionally done in … Continue reading Enema? no please! . . ūüė¶

Kudos goes to : Ste Walker :)

Today was a rough day, fatigue and insomnia has been a struggle this week, but the highlight of my day was to see the below article trending on Facebook!!! His story¬† has been posted on major publications such as CBS News and People Magazine. The more awareness the better!! Thank you Ste Walker¬† for sharing … Continue reading Kudos goes to : Ste Walker ūüôā

Why is eating so hard?!?!?!

I took a risk today and regretted it. Since I was short on time for lunch, I went to the convenient shop in my building and bought a pre-made Italian cold-cut. So not freshly made, full of preservatives, and definitely not gluten-free.  Within 20 minutes of consuming the sandwich, I became severely bloated and my stomach … Continue reading Why is eating so hard?!?!?!

Humira . . . ouch!! :(

As you can tell I've been very moody this week ūüėČ Life has been busy and to some blogging on a Friday night might seem lame, but it feels wonderful to just lay in bed, sooo tired. On Sunday I had my first Humira injections and for those of you who are familiar, the first dosage … Continue reading Humira . . . ouch!! ūüė¶

Life is precious. . .

Last week I went to my great aunt's funeral. She was terminally ill and bedridden for the last¬†ten¬†years of her life. After surviving a stroke, she¬†could no longer¬†speak and eventually lost her battle with cancer. It was hard for me to visit her because growing up she was such a boisterous woman and to see … Continue reading Life is precious. . .

Anxiety . . . please go away . .

I found this awesome article on BuzzFeed titled, "What you say to someone with chronic pain, and what they hear".¬†. It displays images of typical conversations that¬†people with a chronic illness have with "normal"¬†people everyday.¬†I loved the article because I could relate, but then I thought, "why isn't it okay for me to take people … Continue reading Anxiety . . . please go away . .

Sick of biting my tongue . . .

I think I'm an amazing actress! For the past month I have been bleeding everyday, severe bloating often, severe fatigue, and insomnia but¬†somehow I am able to commute and work 40 hours a week, all with a smile on my face. ¬†I should win an Oscar because I don't believe¬†the average person can do that. … Continue reading Sick of biting my tongue . . .