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Like spinning? . . . spin for a cure!!

At spin studios throughout the US, people will be spinning for a cure on December 8th. Check out their promotional video below and click this link for more information. Please share ūüôā The more awareness and money that is raised, the closer we are to finding a cure!! I’m surprised I just found out about this event even when I’m a CCFA member . . ¬†smh . . there really needs to be more publicity for Crohn’s an Colitis in the US. .

CCFA Take Steps Baltimore . . . :)

I think I have finally calmed down after my prednisone rage, and hope to finally get some sleep tonight. I’ve been wired and walking around mad for the past 3 days, scary stuff lol ¬†Anyway on to something positive. This weekend I’m visiting my mother who lives in the suburbs of Baltimore to discuss our upcoming trip to¬†California. Yes, ¬†we both decided we needed a little break from our lives and will be heading west for a much needed short vacay. ¬†A vacation . . . . something I thought… Read more CCFA Take Steps Baltimore . . . ūüôā

My body’s schedule . . .

I believe I jinxed myself in my last post. The pain returned the next day, and I have been on Tylenol extra strength ever since. I was able to make an appointment with my GI this Wednesday so I just need to survive¬†until then. Over the long holiday weekend instead of enjoying the beautiful weather, I ran a few errands and parked myself in my bed or the couch, this is the 2nd weekend in a row I’ve done this, it’s frustrating. In the past 3 months I have noticed… Read more My body’s schedule . . .

Remaining hopeful . . .

I am currently experiencing¬†my first BAD¬†flareup. After 3 days of hell, I am now¬†starting to feel better. To have intense cramps all day and going to the bathroom at least 10 times a day, I feel so relieved that the pain has stopped. ¬†I also feel safe to eat again, earlier today I was scared to eat anything just to avoid any more pain. I prefer hunger pains any day over severe abdominal pain. But even though the past few days have been horrible, it could be worst. I found… Read more Remaining hopeful . . .

So sick of . . .

I am so sick of seeing white walls . . . the walls of my doctors’ offices, walls of my pharmacy, walls of my job. I’m so sick of paying for co-pays, prescription re-fills, and medical bills. ¬†I’m so sick of medical assistants with bad attitudes, I’m just done lately. I went to see my primary physician the other day and she also wants me to get blood work done. ¬†My doctors are like vampires . . . this disease is like a vampire, sucking the life out of me.… Read more So sick of . . .

Difference between Ulcerative Colitis & Crohn’s . . .

The one thing¬†I can confirm about my diagnosis is that I do have an IBD. Which one? I’m not too sure. ¬†I was originally diagnosed with colitis, but now I ¬†might have Crohn’s. Since I have devoted¬†all of my research to UC, I now need to educate myself on Crohn’s disease. ¬†I found this great video¬†on YouTube that explains the differences between the two types of IBD. ¬†Check it out below ūüôā All rights go to¬†Health Knowledge Works and Mercury Films Inc.