My current situation . . . .

Give me the strength! . . smh Currently taking 3 out of 5, I guess that's not too bad . . .

Humira . . . ouch!! :(

As you can tell I've been very moody this week ūüėČ Life has been busy and to some blogging on a Friday night might seem lame, but it feels wonderful to just lay in bed, sooo tired. On Sunday I had my first Humira injections and for those of you who are familiar, the first dosage … Continue reading Humira . . . ouch!! ūüė¶

New stage in treatment . . .

Holy Crap! You know you're sick when you have your personal hazardous materials disposal container. I am learning to accept that IBD is no joke . . I might look "great" (as I've been told by¬†many) but inside my body is literally attacking itself. Lately I've been eating everything in sight with no bloating or¬†abdominal … Continue reading New stage in treatment . . .

Life is precious. . .

Last week I went to my great aunt's funeral. She was terminally ill and bedridden for the last¬†ten¬†years of her life. After surviving a stroke, she¬†could no longer¬†speak and eventually lost her battle with cancer. It was hard for me to visit her because growing up she was such a boisterous woman and to see … Continue reading Life is precious. . .