Bloated . . . . :(

As some symptoms went away, I've gained a new one . . sighs  . .  Ladies have you ever been severely bloated where it looks like you're pregnant?  I first noticed it at work yesterday. I knew I wasn't feeling well because my stomach was making a lot of noise and I was belching a lot. As … Continue reading Bloated . . . . 😦

You gotta laugh – Haribo Gummi Candy :) . . . .

A friend forwarded me a link to about Haribo Gummi candy reviews. At first, I did not know Amazon sold gummy bears and that you could buy a 10 lb pound bag!!   After getting over that shock I noticed something very odd, this candy had over 1,300 reviews. Why does gummy bears have that … Continue reading You gotta laugh – Haribo Gummi Candy 🙂 . . . .

Medicine Haul . . .

For those that have an IBD the amount of pills you take daily can be overwhelming for most. When you tell people, "Yeah I take 10+ pills a day" . . and hear a gasp or OMG! You feel just as sad, but it eventually becomes another daily routine.  It's not fun or easy, but it needs to … Continue reading Medicine Haul . . .

My struggle with Fast food – Chipotle . . .

It's been a struggle lately in regards to fast-food, especially when your job is a block away from Chipotle.  Mexican food has always been my fav, even though I knew I would regret it later.  All that cheese, sour cream, salsa, beans, etc. taste so good, but is not GERD or colitis friendly. Knowing all … Continue reading My struggle with Fast food – Chipotle . . .

Follow-up with the GI . . . . .

This past Friday I had a follow-up appointment with my GI’s office, I met with a physician assistant (PA) since my GI was unavailable. The PA was an older woman, and I could tell she was nervous, and inside I slowly rolled my eyes and thought, maybe I should have waited to meet with my … Continue reading Follow-up with the GI . . . . .

My struggle with fast food – &pizza

For lunch I decided to visit one of my old favorite spots, &pizza! If they delivered I would be in trouble 🙂  unfortunately, ordering my favorite pizza "The Maverick" meaty and cheese paradise will no longer do . . so I made my own pizza. The one thing I love about &pizza is their variety of … Continue reading My struggle with fast food – &pizza

What do I EAT?!?!? . . .

An IBD is basically your body rejecting the food you consume, and with colitis it really doesn't matter what you eat, you can still suffer.  The fascinating thing about UC  is that most healthy foods are not colitis friendly. Who knew that eating a salad could be bad for you. I used to eat a salad multiple … Continue reading What do I EAT?!?!? . . .

Rx drama . . . sighs

Since I had to increase my prescription intake, I ran out of pills a lot sooner than expected. And with the impending "snowstorm" (fingers crossed for a snow day) I don't want to be stuck in my apartment with no pills. My original prescription was filled in another city so I thought I could transfer … Continue reading Rx drama . . . sighs

What is an IBD? What’s Colitis? What, when, how, huh? . . . . .

Ulcerative colitis (UC) is not as well known as Crohn's disease, but both are Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD). According to, Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is chronic inflammation of all or part of your digestive tract. IBD primarily includes ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. Both usually involve severe diarrhea, pain, fatigue and weight loss. IBD can be … Continue reading What is an IBD? What’s Colitis? What, when, how, huh? . . . . .