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You gotta laugh :) – Superbowl AD . . .

I’m pretty sure you  guys saw the Doritos commercial where the guy is preventing people from sitting next to him on the plane.  I thought it was hilarious, and what stood out for me was when he was reading a book titled “How to manage Chronic IBS” Of course I bust out laughing and told my friend, “Oh that’s going on my blog!” 🙂 Then I thought would IBD be considered chronic IBS? But If the book was titled “How to manage IBD ?”, no one would have found it funny because no… Read more You gotta laugh 🙂 – Superbowl AD . . .

Tick, tock, pop . . . .

It’s crazy how my daily life is controlled by my prescriptions. Since I have to take 8 pills, 5 before noon, sleeping-in on the weekends is out of the question.  When I wake up after 9am on a Saturday I’m mad, and that’s depressing 😦  During the week I have the following things with me at all times: my cellphone (who wears a watch these days), pill box, and a glass of water.  While working at my desk or attending a meeting, all I’m thinking is tick, tock, and pop a pill… Read more Tick, tock, pop . . . .

You gotta laugh :)

So since there is no cure for colitis and I will have this disease for the rest of my life, I have to make light of the situation. I cannot allow myself to walk around miserable, unless it’s a flare up.  But you have to enjoy life and laugh at yourself sometimes, I think.  Prior to my colonoscopy I joked with friends stating how I can check off “losing weight” as a New Year’s resolution.  Or like a friend said, you’ll never be fat, eh I’ll take that compliment with a… Read more You gotta laugh 🙂

More drugs, yay!!

Since my symptoms have not changed in the past month and I actually feel worst, I called my GI’s office.  I explained the symptoms I was still having  and he stated we will need to increase your prescription intake.  With the drug Apriso, instead of taking 4 pills a day, he now wants me to take four pills in  the morning  and two in the evening.  So now, drum roll . . . . . . 8 pills a day!! yay! Gotta get a refill, asap!  I’m starting to feel like treatment for UC… Read more More drugs, yay!!