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You gotta laugh – Haribo Gummi Candy :) . . . .

A friend forwarded me a link to about Haribo Gummi candy reviews. At first, I did not know Amazon sold gummy bears and that you could buy a 10 lb pound bag!!   After getting over that shock I noticed something very odd, this candy had over 1,300 reviews. Why does gummy bears have that many reviews on Amazon?!? Then I started to read the reviews and they all had something in common, people were telling their experience of digestive torture that this candy had ensued upon them!!.  There are reviews… Read more You gotta laugh – Haribo Gummi Candy 🙂 . . . .

Exhausted . . .

Every since I was a kid I have always had “low energy”. According to my mother I was the perfect child 🙂 . . . .  Not because I was an only child ;), but I was never hyper.  I was very shy and reserved, and also anemic as a child. I remember in elementary school going to the nurse office every morning to take my iron pills. As a child I do not recall feeling tired, but I do remember my lips bleeding. I’m pretty sure that’s the reason why I’m obsessed with lip balm/gloss… Read more Exhausted . . .

Youth and IBD . . . .

Through my research I was surprised to discover that many “IBDers” are young, like very young, under the age of 18.  According to, approximately 1.4 million Americans have either Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. That number is almost evenly split between the two conditions, and one in ten IBD patients are under the age of 18. I’ll admit having an Inflammatory Bowel Disease can be somewhat embarrassing. Even what IBD stands for might make people chuckle and I’m okay with that, but I am 28. Can you imagine being a… Read more Youth and IBD . . . .

Medicine Haul . . .

For those that have an IBD the amount of pills you take daily can be overwhelming for most. When you tell people, “Yeah I take 10+ pills a day” . . and hear a gasp or OMG! You feel just as sad, but it eventually becomes another daily routine.  It’s not fun or easy, but it needs to be done in order to force your symptoms into remission. I found the below video on YouTube of a brave young woman who has been living with colitis for over a decade. She gives viewers insight… Read more Medicine Haul . . .

Rx drama . . . again . . .

I’m MAD! I’m mad with Giant pharmacy, CIGNA, and my GI.  I called Giant last Wednesday to refill my Apriso prescription. I didn’t hear anything from the pharmacy for two days so I called, they stated they cannot refill my prescription until February 18.  I calmly asked why, they stated  we provided you with a 30 day supply for the prescription that was written. With my insurance they are not allowed to complete a refill until the 30 days expired.  . . I never knew that was possible, I thought when you NEEDED… Read more Rx drama . . . again . . .