Moon-face? . . . .

Hello World it's me! The below picture was taken this past weekend for Halloween, I was a fancy¬†Witch ūüėČ I think it's a nice picture of me, but I immediately noticed how fat my cheeks were. I believe its obvious I've gained weight, around this time last year I was 14 pounds lighter. This is … Continue reading Moon-face? . . . .

Two steps forward . . . . ten steps back

After my brief hiatus I wish I could write about good news, unfortunately the blood is back. It's been back for weeks and what is a temporary fix? Predisone! ¬†Thankfully due to my personal pharmacy I have an abundance of leftover pills, more money in my pockets for now. ¬†When I noticed the blood wasn't … Continue reading Two steps forward . . . . ten steps back

Bye bye Prednisone!

I FINALLY had my follow-up with the GI yesterday . . . oops . . I lied . . I finally had a follow-up with the physician assistant. Of course I did not know I will not be seeing my GI until I arrived, how professional! . . I waited to see the physician assistant and … Continue reading Bye bye Prednisone!

When it rains . . . it pours! . . . sighs . .

I received a call from my primary physician's office today wanting to discuss my lab results. I immediately freaked out since I was just there last Thursday. ¬†They called to tell me that my blood test results show¬†that I am pre-diabetic! Freaking awesome!!! When it rains ¬†. . . it POURS¬†for me lately!. . . … Continue reading When it rains . . . it pours! . . . sighs . .

Steroids?!?!? . . . misdiagnosis?!?! . . Huh?!?

I swear "Aunt Flo" visited and stayed for the entire month of¬†February. I was extremely bloated and eating everything in sight, and of course my clothes started to fit tighter. ¬†I just assumed¬†I'm pmsing, and because the weather has been horrid lately, I'm just no longer active. So it makes sense that i might have … Continue reading Steroids?!?!? . . . misdiagnosis?!?! . . Huh?!?