Kudos to : Phillies’ Jake Diekman

Phillies’ Jake Diekman has had UC since he was 10 years old. I admire him because many IBDers do not have the energy to be active.  I know prior to being diagnosed, I was very active and loved it, but I no longer have the energy lately. But for someone with UC who takes 20 pills a day and is a professional baseball player?!?! I have no excuse.  I think it’s great that he’s not only sharing his story, but  also starting a campaign to raise funds for IBD research with the CCFA. Very inspiring 🙂

Kudos to Jake Diekman for spreading awareness about IBD.  Check out his story below and his interview with ABC news 6 in Philadelphia http://6abc.com/sports/phillies-jake-diekman-continues-to-gut-it-out/537668/ 🙂

Look at his facebook posting, such a cool dude. I love his tattoo! 🙂

gut it out