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I’ve been writing this blog since January and it’s been such a great experience! Not only has it been therapeutic, but also enjoyable.  I have a new love for writing!

The one cool thing about this new job is that I maintain all social media and the website for our association, all new skills for me. Our website is run via Wordpress and I already discovered a new social media tool called Tweetdeck. By next year with these new skills, my blog is going to be fancy!!

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Kudos to: Sean Ahrens :) . . .

I found a  website called Crohnology, it’s a social network website for people that have IBD.  It was created by a young man named Sean Ahrens, he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of 12.

Since my diagnosis at age 12, I have had a dozen major flare ups of the disease. I found that, for me, diets and supplements, stress reduction and mental relaxation, and exercise help. I heard many people on the internet claim that they had found the magic bullet, but I thought it was irresponsible to be so confident.
Just because these things worked for me, I wasn’t about to claim that they work for everybody. Instead, I decided to build a patient-powered research network that would allow patients everywhere to be contributing their own treatment experimentation in a way that could be aggregated for us to learn what actually works for whom. — Sean Ahrens http://www.crohnology.com

The site is pretty cool. I like the reviews of treatments and diets.

Spread the word! It’s a site in it’s infancy stage, the more people that know about it the better! Check out the videos below 🙂

Kudos to Sean Ahrens for spreading IBD awareness!

Sean Ahren’s story below