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IBD back at it again . . . :(

As I embark on my 31st first birthday tomorrow, I’m reflecting on how 2017 has been so far , and it’s been a busy year. In addition, I’ve been eating what I want, not exercising, candy/soda galore. It was like YES! I’m on Remission so I’m going to eat everything I’ve denied myself for two years, and as a result I have gained weight which are normal consequences for such a diet.  Until last week .. . I saw blood for the first time in like a year . .… Read more IBD back at it again . . . ūüė¶

Empathy vs. Sympathy . . . .

When you tell someone you have a chronic illness what is the typical response? “Aww I’m soo sorry, but you don’t look sick?” “You look good and at least you’re skinny” have been common responses for me. ¬†I always felt ¬†the need to change the subject as soon as a person say , “but ¬†you look really good”. I always took that response as “Why are you complaining?” . . . . Maybe I’m being oversensitive, but its hard to connect with people that do not live with your illness.… Read more Empathy vs. Sympathy . . . .

Life is precious. . .

Last week I went to my great aunt’s funeral. She was terminally ill and bedridden for the last¬†ten¬†years of her life. After surviving a stroke, she¬†could no longer¬†speak and eventually lost her battle with cancer. It was hard for me to visit her because growing up she was such a boisterous woman and to see her so fragile, it saddened my heart. I believe that the last 10-15 years of her life would have been more pleasant if she received proper care/treatment, but insurance is a bitch. After her stroke,… Read more Life is precious. . .

Sick of biting my tongue . . .

I think I’m an amazing actress! For the past month I have been bleeding everyday, severe bloating often, severe fatigue, and insomnia but¬†somehow I am able to commute and work 40 hours a week, all with a smile on my face. ¬†I should win an Oscar because I don’t believe¬†the average person can do that. I’m surprised no one at the new job has asked if I’m okay, but I guess I use all the energy I have during the work day and pass out when I get home on… Read more Sick of biting my tongue . . .

Kudos to: Sean Ahrens :) . . .

I found a ¬†website called Crohnology,¬†it’s a social network website for people that have IBD. ¬†It was created by a young man named Sean Ahrens, he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of 12. Since my diagnosis at age 12,¬†I have had a dozen major flare ups of the disease. I found that, for me, diets and supplements, stress reduction and mental relaxation, and exercise help. I heard many people on the internet claim that they had found the magic bullet, but I thought it was irresponsible to… Read more Kudos to: Sean Ahrens ūüôā . . .