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Category: medications

Not good news . . . . :(

Have you ever stared at the ceiling to prevent tears from falling on your face? To avoid letting someone see you cry? That was me today. It wasn’t like I was shocked¬†by the news, but I felt like I reached my breaking point. After two weeks of horrible symptoms I finally got to see my GI, he said two words that I hoped I would never hear, “Prednisone & Remicade”. ¬† ¬†He stated how my condition is getting worst and in order to force my symptoms into remission he prescribed… Read more Not good news . . . . ūüė¶

Medicine Haul . . .

For those that have an IBD¬†the amount of pills you take daily can be overwhelming for most. When you tell¬†people, “Yeah I take 10+¬†pills a day” . . and hear a gasp or OMG! You feel just as sad, but it eventually becomes another daily routine. ¬†It’s not fun or easy, but it needs to be done in order to force your¬†symptoms into remission. I found the below video on YouTube of a brave young woman who has been living with colitis for over a decade. She gives viewers insight… Read more Medicine Haul . . .