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Category: IBS

Typical IBD struggle . . . .

A week ago I attended onsite training at my job, total training session was 4 hours. Prior to the training, the idea of being stuck in a quiet room with people where I’m forced to be social for four hours spiked my anxiety. ┬áNot just for the social aspect, ┬ábut the past couple of weeks I have had digestive issues and a recent fit with diarrhea, on average I was going to the bathroom at least 5 times a day. My secret spot became the┬álobby bathroom to avoid the shame… Read more Typical IBD struggle . . . .

Lost a fight with onion rings . . .

So I know eating fried food is never a good decision when you have IBD, but whenever I visit my mother she never has safe food for me to eat and I was too broke to buy anything. Late in the evening I was still hungry and didn’t think the frozen Nathan’s onion rings that I’ve had before would hurt, I was soo wrong. After 20 minutes  my stomach was sooo tight and I felt so nauseous. Then the stomach cramps started, I felt miserable for a good 2 hours.… Read more Lost a fight with onion rings . . .

Being Vulnerable . . .

It’s been a while, sorry ­čśŽ but I do miss writing it soothes my soul lol Just went to a friend’s farewell party and to be honest wasn’t sure I was going to go due to the┬áheadache I’ve had all day, but she was leaving to follow her dreams and moving to the big city NYC! So I wanted to be there. It was a very emotional night, a lot of kind words were said about her, then it came time for people to speak. I didn’t want to speak… Read more Being Vulnerable . . .