Too tired to function . . .

I need to find and buy this sweatshirt!!

This was me everyday this past week smh! Fell asleep a few times in my work clothes, but this time around it might be stress related. New co-worker who’s been there for 3 months telling me she’s ready to quit, boss is  walking around with watery eyes and I’m like what’s going on? lol Unlike them my stress is noticeable internally which is something I need to be cautious about with this disease sighs . . .

What type of jobs can you have when you have an autoimmune disease? Non-profits is definitely a NO. Very interesting job I currently have but on certain days I feel like my body can’t keep up , feel like an old person. Is severe fatigue a side effect of Humira? I gotta change my lifestyle, maybe start working out again, hopefully that can help with stress and my energy levels.

My most important plastic . . .

Look at what I got in the mail! It is my ‘can’t wait’ card. I’m so grateful to have it, but hope to never use it. It is stored in my wallet, right behind my insurance card. I also need to create a medications list/card for my wallet too. I’ll admit I have more cards in my wallet relating to my health than a good ole credit card. It’s silly to think, but if my wallet was ever stolen I hope the person would feel so bad that they return it lol

I have an appointment  with My GI on Monday. I am worried. Just realized I haven’t seen Aunt Flo in a while and according to my app, my period is 10 days late. I know for sure I’m not preggers . . . yeah I’m a little worried lol

Working with an IBD . . . .

I took a sick day and I’m grateful to say I do not regret it. We accumulate sick leave/ PTO for a reason. But unfortunately, when you have an IBD your sick days can add up, which will eventually worry me. Thankfully, I have a very understanding boss, which I’ve learned is very rare.

I posted a question in a crohn’s/colitis support group on Facebook aimed towards young professionals, asking do you fear your disease can impact your professional life? Should you bring up your disease at your job? Would you ever leave a job even if you had a very understanding boss? The responses were mixed and I noticed the older you are the more pessimistic. “No, I would never leave because finding an understanding boss is very rare”.  Some even stated, “bringing up your condition or leaving is  just stupid”. The younger people that responded were totally different (millennials! smh), they stated you should not allow your disease to hold you back or impede your professional growth. “If the job is not flexible,then it’s not the right job.”  The one thing that both sides agreed on is that you never mention your disease firsthand, because it’s a big possibility that you will be discriminated against, and I totally agree.

In my situation, I had been in my position for over a year before I became sick. So  my manager knew about my many doctor appointments because she approved my leave and when I finally got a diagnosis of course she was curious. At first I was afraid to tell, but I’m glad I eventually did.  Since I’ve been really sick lately, I don’t know how I could have kept it a secret. My situation is rare, and I’m very grateful for the support I have, but there are resources out there if you do not have support, you do have rights.

In the US you might be able to file for disability. According to the you may be able to apply for social security benefits if your condition is found in the list of disabling impairments, the CCFA pointed out 3 conditions where IBD would fit:

  1. Disorders of the Digestive System
  2. Malnutrition or Weight Loss
  3. Surgical Diversion of the Intestinal Tract

Read more at this link:

CCFA also has an employee accommodation letter template that ask for office placement located near a bathroom; allowed to start work an hour later each day; and other accommodations. Letter may be given to healthcare provider to complete and provide specific needs for the employee. Letter is then provided to the patient’s employer.

Review the accommodation letter here:

The CCFA also provides a summary of disability laws and even job search engines for persons with disabilities, CCFA is freaking awesome lol Check out the info here: