Too tired to function . . .

This was me everyday this past week smh! Fell asleep a few times in my work clothes, but this time around it might be stress related. New co-worker who's been there for 3 months telling me she's ready to quit, boss is ¬†walking around with watery eyes and I'm like what's going on? lol Unlike … Continue reading Too tired to function . . .

My most important plastic . . .

Look at what I got in the mail! It is my 'can't wait' card. I'm so grateful to have it, but hope to never use it. It is stored in my wallet, right behind my insurance card. I also need to create a medications list/card for my wallet too. I'll admit I have more cards … Continue reading My most important plastic . . .

Working with an IBD . . . .

I took a sick day and I'm grateful to say I do not regret it. We accumulate sick leave/ PTO for a reason. But unfortunately, when you have an IBD your sick days can add up, which will eventually worry me. Thankfully, I have a very understanding boss, which I've learned is very rare. I … Continue reading Working with an IBD . . . .