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Category: depression

Happy New Year! . . . Ugh . . . :(

So . . . it’s less than an hour until the New Year and everyone on social media are posting New Year resolutions and all these positive messages “out with the old, in with the new!” etc. But let’s be real, its not like next week is going to be amazing and wonderful just because it’s a new year. Since I was diagnosed I told myself to let go, because me having this disease was completely out of my control. I finally learned you cannot control your life, just gotta… Read more Happy New Year! . . . Ugh . . . ūüė¶

You never know …

I have been living in my apartment for the past 4 months and what I’ve told many of my friends is that I wish I could just move my apartment, because my neighbors drive me crazy. Neighbors across the hall have¬†too many visitors and smoke a lot!. And the older ¬†woman that lives above is always moving furniture late at night and early in the morning. I’ve only spoken to her once before bumping into her today. I walked to my door and she stopped to say hi, I felt… Read more You never know …

A Flare attack and Black & Blue . . . .

It’s been a week since my last post and not a good one. ¬† A very stressful, exhausting week it has been. ¬†New job has officially started to stress me out, but for the first time in my career its not over drama, just a lot of freaking work. But with my condition any amount of stress is bad, even if ¬†in my mind I categorize it as “good stress”. ¬†As a result of this stress and lack of sleep due to Game of Thrones binge watching (I think I… Read more A Flare attack and Black & Blue . . . .