Benefits Drama . . . . :(

So it’s Open Enrollment time! My favorite time of the year! (sarcasm) . .. I started my current job last July, 3 months after I was discharged from the hospital. Since I was still paranoid and finally understood the life of living with a chronic illness, I immediately noticed the premium plan was my best option which was $120 out of each  paycheck. Well I just realized today, in late September,  I haven’t met the deductible for my current medical plan in this past year. I guess that’s awesome? This past year I have had fewer visits to doctor offices and no increase in prescriptions . . . ..not too shabby.

My dilemma is should I drop to a lower level in medical benefits? Money is tight now and I need every cent to pay off my dental bills. My new Dentist thinks that I might have periodontal disease and I need like 3 new crowns . . . my immediate response to a proposed dental treatment plan of $7k+ was “Bitch Please” but all the medications, long term steroid use, and me putting off dental work to pay for other medical expenses has finally caught up to me . . . sighs . .

Since I’m starting to look for new employment anyway, I can deal with this lower tier of benefits for a temporary time? . . . Ugh, I need to make more money  to pay of my medical bills . . .  feeling frustrated.



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