GI is sweating . .

I received two responses to the stern message I sent to my GI’s office. The first response was from the PA who stated, I have forwarded your concerns to Dr. F. and he will see you from now on for treatment. Thank you!! No offense to PAs out there, but I wasn’t paying money to see a PA. Then I received two responses from my GI, and he started the first message soo well!! “Hi Crystal”, thanks for spelling my name wrong! lol But I can’t be mad, when I was speaking with my insurance company I said his first name was Steven, I was  corrected. It’s bad when you don’t know your GI’s first name, that’s a problem!! In the message he continued to talk about how he never disagreed with the GI in the hospital that stated I have crohn’s (lies), and all this information that I never heard from him that was all crohn’s related. When I asked him multiple times in the past about which IBD I have he could never say. But push come to shove, all the meds i’ve been on for the past 9 months have been for UC, so I understood his point that Crohn’s is most likely since those medications haven’t worked.

Then out of nowhere! He wanted me to come to the office to see him the next day ! I could not believe that my GI was finally making time to see little ole me. Unfortunately, I am unable to drop everything to see him so I told him how I cannot come to the office until November because my schedule is not flexible due to my 90 day probation at the new job.  And honestly I didn’t feel bad telling him that. When I had the time and was VERY flexible, after my appointments were rescheduled twice, I finally go to the office  and saw the PA instead of my GI. Obviously him and  his staff didn’t care then, but now they do when I plan to spend my mone . . i mean time elsewhere . .

Either way, my Humira injections should be arriving next week and I’m ready to get started. This week was hard, could barely keep my eyes open at work and when I got home.

Remaining hopeful, taking one day a time.

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