A close call . . .

The other day I decided to get a pizza from &pizza, my favorite pizza place in the whole entire world! lol So I had to drive a little out of the way, but it was worth it.  On the highway as I was changing lanes, I heard a car beeping its horn right behind me. My first thought was, “where did you come from?!?!” I did not see his car at all and I assume he sped up when I changed lanes, but according to him I cut him off. As he’s hitting his horn, I throw up my hands like whatever, sorry  . . . we didn’t hit each other and crash be thankful. . .  . . .I quickly discovered he was  a maniac. He decides to cut in front of me and slammed on his brakes as we’re both driving 60+ mph on the highway. Luckily I was paying attention  and was able to slam on my breaks in time, but stupidly out of rage I chased after to him to get his tag number because I was for sure planning to call the police. Of course, I was unable to catch him in my corolla, so I didn’t get his tags 😦

He changed lanes and I slowed down thinking he finally “proved his point” and was moving on,  then I noticed he got back into my lane and started to slow down, it was like he was waiting for me to catch up. . . .  I was in fear for my life. I immediately changed lanes and got off the next exit and almost ran a red light. I was completely distraught, heart pounding, hands shaking, and stomach hurting all at the same time.

You always hear about crazy people with road rage, but to experience it, is the scariest thing I have ever encountered. I just don’t understand why people intentionally do evil things just because they had a bad day. Because of his foolishness something really bad could’ve happen, thankfully I’m okay other than my bad nerves.  When I finally reached my destination, I sat in my car,  closed my eyes and took deep breaths until my heart rate slowed and my  stomach stopped hurting. I officially lost my appetite, but knew I would be hungry soon. I eventually got my pizza  feeling no longer excited, just thankful I was alive and drove back to my apartment abiding all speed limits and staying in one lane.

Living and coping with this disease has been a constant daily struggle, but you never know when your time is up. I know I’m sick, but grateful to be alive!

2 thoughts on “A close call . . .

  1. Wow, so sorry to hear about all the craziness you’ve been dealing with in addition to managing IBD! Brutal! But you’ve pulled through and are positive and optimistic in spite of everything! You should definitely pat yourself on the back, Krystal 🙂 I posted a few months ago that I have had UC since I was 5 (26 now, grateful Remicade and diet have put it in remission). Have you looked to see if there is a hospital with an IBD center near where you live? Because it seems like your current gastroenterologist does not really understand how serious your situation is. A GI doctor who works within an IBD center would be much more familiar with the specific technicalities of what you’re dealing with. In my humble opinion, as someone who has dealt with colitis for a while, you should not be being referred to the PA so often.
    Also, it sounds like you may be dealing with anemia if you’re not getting your period. That has happened to me in the past when I had a bad flare. They told me to get ‘ferrous sequelous’ because it was a gentle iron that wouldn’t bother the stomach. Also, B stress complex vitamins because you might not be able to eat much, and then your system might not be able to absorb all the nutrients of what you do eat. They reek but they’re helpful. Hang in there Krystal, and best wishes!

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    1. Thank you L! My period finally started today and I will bring up remicade tomorrow,it has been mentioned in the past, just my GI has been to “busy” to see me or who knows what’s going on! Either way, once my probation at the new job is over in 60 days, I plan to seek a 2nd opinion, it’s just been bad timing lately. I’m also going to book an appointment with another GI in the office at least too. I’m just afraid my condition is getting worst due to his negligence . . . I’m just really tired, mentally and physically lately. Thanks for the well wishes!


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