My daily life . .


I think i’m going through another flare-up because the bloody stools are back 😦 I’m afraid to tell my GI because they might put me back on the prednisone, but I’m not feeling any better lately.  I’m just really tired and  experiencing major brain fog, which I hope isn’t too obvious at the new job. But I’m still new, so this is the perfect time to get away with the ditz moments.  I really hope that stress from the previous job, starting a new job,  and pmsing which have all occurred in the past 3 weeks is the reason for this flare and not signs that my condition is getting worse. This weekend I’m traveling for the job’s annual conference . . . sighs . . I think i’ll be able to finally rest in two weeks . .

Next week is going to be hectic so taking a little break from writing 😦 I’ll be back at it in a week.

As always I remain hopeful. Taking one day at a time.

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