New Chapter . . .

Today was Day 2 at the new job and its weird because it feels like I’ve been at the job a lot longer.  A friend said, “Wow you must feel really comfortable there” . . I guess I do. I’ve met some pretty cool people so far  and I’m not complaining for once, it’s a good thing.

The bathroom situation is not the greatest. There are multiple restrooms but only two stalls in each , so grateful I have my poop-purri. Luckily my cubicle is very close to the restroom and it’s not very obvious if I go multiple times.

I was very surprised to hear multiple people discussing their special diet. On the first day, one of my team members stated how her sister-in-law has celiac disease, and I chimed in and said how I’m on a gluten-free diet, which I regret . . Of course the next question is, do you have celiac disease? Why are you on a gluten-free diet? . . . ummm. . . I discovered gluten irritates my digestive system. . .  . Idk why I’m comfortable telling the blogosphere about my disease but not my new coworkers. I just feel  like it’s not the right time, but it is comforting that they are understanding of people who have a special diet.  I believe if I have that conversation about my IBD I will have to discuss my hospital stay, and I don’t want to tell my boss I was in the hospital for 5 days 4 months ago . .  .Idk I’ll leave it be, when the right time comes I’ll talk about it.

Choosing my new benefits was a challenge. With this new job my medical benefits come out of my check, of course my first choice was the cheapest insurance. But I had to grow up and tell myself, “Krystal you have a chronic illness, be smart” The most expensive plan is taking more money out of my pockets now, but will save me a lot in the future. Hopefully I’ll be in remission next year, fingers crossed.

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