Bye bye Prednisone!

I FINALLY had my follow-up with the GI yesterday . . . oops . . I lied . . I finally had a follow-up with the physician assistant. Of course I did not know I will not be seeing my GI until I arrived, how professional! . . I waited to see the physician assistant and it was as eventful as I anticipated.

Her first question was, “What is going on with your blood sugar? How are you pre-diabetic?” It is very irresponsible of your doctor to say you’re pre-diabetic, looking at your blood sugar in the past 6 months it has been consistent nothing unusual. Does your doctor know you’re on prednisone? If she knew, she would not have said you’re pre-diabetic. Do you have the lab results? . . . . My response was, Hello to you too!

I was taken back that she was somewhat offended that my doctor said I was pre-diabetic, like it bruised her ego. I looked at her and thought, I’m the one that’s mad, I’m the one with the freaking illness!! I said to her, “since we both agree that the prednisone caused my blood sugar to increase significantly in the past month, when am I getting off of it?”  I told her how the past week I decided to start tapering off and lowered my dosage to 20mg/daily from 40mg.  She said since you haven’t had any major symptoms, let’s continue to taper off and  do 10mg for the next 3 days, than 5mg for another 3 days, then stop. I said thank you Jesus, Hallelujah!!   I have been on prednisone since March, and the fewer pills I have to take, the closer to remission!! I can smell it! lol

Also during the visit, I expressed to her my frustrations lately with the staff and the lack of communication from my GI in the past 6 weeks. When I told her how the receptionist told me to call my doctor about joint pains since this was a GI office. She apologized and told me to  be meaner on the phone next time . .  wtf??!?! lol She said it’s the only way they will learn, and they are in the process of training their non-medical staff to improve customer service. I’m assuming I’m not the only one that has complained.

She also told me too much information about my GI. The reason why he has been out of office for the past few weeks is because his father suddenly passed away, and they found his body. OMG . . I felt so sad and it made me realize that doctors have lives and families too.  I felt like a whiny brat for my attitude yesterday . .

As a result of this interesting visit, I have to get blood work done twice. Got it done yesterday and in two weeks, which will be a week off the prednisone. Also, my GI will review the notes that the PA took yesterday to determine what is the next step in my treatment. She stated that I need to make an appointment in 2 months or sooner, I told her I’ll be back in 90 days. Since I’m starting my new job in two weeks, I will only take leave without pay if I absolutely need to. And since it took 6 weeks to “see” my GI yesterday after that appointment was rescheduled twice, I’ll take my time going back to his office.

Remaining hopeful! Taking one day at a time.

2 thoughts on “Bye bye Prednisone!

  1. I know this doctor’s appointment wasn’t what you hope for, but you’re off prednisone! That seems huge, despite the disappointing health care. You took charge of a negative experience, so more power to you.
    All the best,
    Joanna Charnas,
    Author, Living Well with Chronic Illness

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