You gotta laugh – Poo-Pourri . . . :)

I have to lighten the mood. My postings lately have been “ruff”, so today I would like to share one of my new favorite products, Poo-Pourri! For my fellow IBDers I hope you have heard of this product and yes it works!! When I was on vacation my poo-pourri was used often.  I remember being at the San Diego Zoo when my stomach started hurting and having the urge to go in a crowded public restroom. I sprayed the toilet water with poo-pourri before use and to my amazement, I left the stall smelling better than when I entered. I was so shocked and had the biggest smile on my face when leaving the restroom, never felt so comfortable shitting in public lol.

You can buy Poo-Pourri at your local Bed Bath & Beyond store or on Amazon. Check out their hilarious commercial below 🙂

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