Not good news . . . . :(

Have you ever stared at the ceiling to prevent tears from falling on your face? To avoid letting someone see you cry? That was me today. It wasn’t like I was shocked by the news, but I felt like I reached my breaking point.

After two weeks of horrible symptoms I finally got to see my GI, he said two words that I hoped I would never hear, “Prednisone & Remicade”.    He stated how my condition is getting worst and in order to force my symptoms into remission he prescribed me prednisone (aka “the devil”, the name many IBDers call it). Thankfully its not a high dosage, and I was told to take it until I start feeling better and eventually stop.  Once i’m off the prednisone, he would like to start remicade in order to maintain my remission. Unfortunately, Remicade is not an oral prescription, it can only be done through IV infusion, which means a trip to the hospital for 3-4 hours, every few weeks.  . . sighs . . . I don’t like hospitals.

Before my follow-up appointment in one month, I have a lot of lab work. More blood work, testing for tuberculosis and hepatitis, and a stool sample. The process of collecting a stool sample is hilarious to me, but I won’t gross you guys out lol  Also today, I got a call from my primary physician about my blood work results, she stated I have Vitamin D deficiency, and wants me to buy over the counter Vitamin D supplements. I’m not surprised, in the past week I have had no energy and  my body aches all over. So . . . with the addition of prednisone and Vitamin D pills, my pill intake has increased to  . . . 14 pills a day!!!

It was truly a sad moment in my GI’s office, we both looked at each other with sad eyes 😦  I would write more, but I am completely exhausted. Really hoping I feel better soon.

6 thoughts on “Not good news . . . . :(

  1. I have to do the stool test too. How disgusting is it. I used to work in Childcare and would happily change nappies, but collecting your own? Ugh. I know how you feel. I, too, suffer severly from gastrointestinal issues. It is so hard xx

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  2. Prednisone is horrible stuff. My daughter is on remicade, the infusion is not too bad other than it takes a long time-bring something to do and a snack. Have you looked into remistart to pay for the infusions?

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      1. We are just starting to get insurance bills and statements so I don’t know. It is supposed to be pricey. Remistart is supposed to pay most of my out of pocket.


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