My struggle with fast food – Friday the 13th . . .

Friday the 13th will forever having a new meaning, it was the first day since my diagnosis that I ate fast food all day! I know, it’s really bad! But, it was the first day in this new year where I had many errands and was out all day.

It all started with the free lunch at work, which was pizza. I was given a day’s notice and the plan was to pack my lunch to avoid eating pizza, but when I got home Thursday night, i just watched the news and passed out. A lunch was never packed . . . It was now Friday and lunch time. There were 20 boxes of Papa John’s pizza of all variations and soda. A truly lose-lose situation for me, but luckily the pizza was dry with little sauce. I picked up two slices, one pepperoni and the other meat works, I know! really bad! smh . . . And grabbed a cup of Sierra Mist since it was the only caffeine-free soda available . A couple of hours later, no symptoms, I felt good.

Later that afternoon I left work for a dentist appointment and blood work. In between appointments i went to Starbucks and got a tall iced Chai Latte with skim milk. I assumed I was being colitis conscious by getting it iced and with skim milk, even though it was a caffeinated drink. . . eh .  . . i was still good an hour later.

After I went to both appointments it was now early evening and I was hungry. I walked to the nearby Noodles & Company. I know! all the carbs and salt is bad, but I was hungry and I had a craving for noodles. I got the Japanese Pan noodles with beef. The beef was good, but the noodles were just a salty mess. When I finally returned to my apartment, I added a good amount of water to reduce the salt and spiciness. It was not an appetizing meal and will be the last time I get any food from there. In the picture below, doesn’t it look like worms? Not appetizing at all right? So now when you think of Noodles & Company you will probably think about worms, you’re welcome! lol 🙂


I was back at my apartment for only a short time because I was going away for the weekend.  As i was near my final destination after a 90 minute drive, I stopped at McDonald’s. I was not hungry but I did have an appetite and realized Shamrock shakes are back. I know! really bad! . . . .  I got a small shake with no whip cream, I thought it would be okay, but shortly after I started belching like crazy  . . . sighs . .


It wasn’t until 10pm that night when I started to see the consequences of my actions. After such a long day, I was completely exhausted and as I was getting ready for bed, i touched my stomach and it was hard. When i looked in the mirror, it looked like I was 4-5 months pregnant from severe bloating.  That whole night as I tried to sleep all I could here was my stomach, It was like I was being lectured.  I eventually felt better the next day after trips to the bathroom and drinking lots of water.

I learned a lot from Friday the 13th . . . I need to be serious about my diet and make smarter choices.  sighs . . . You live and you learn 🙂

4 thoughts on “My struggle with fast food – Friday the 13th . . .

  1. I had to think of it like ‘weening’… Omit something new each week. It is sad haha, but made the transition to a healthier lifestyle a little easier. I’m too week to dive in head first haha.
    You’ll find a flow that works for you 😀

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  2. Aww, we are human.
    Fast food was really difficult for me as well when I first had to change my diet. But, what the hey, sometimes even after learning it’s hard to pass on a craving haha.
    Good Luck!

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