Rx drama . . . again . . .

I’m MAD! I’m mad with Giant pharmacy, CIGNA, and my GI.  I called Giant last Wednesday to refill my Apriso prescription. I didn’t hear anything from the pharmacy for two days so I called, they stated they cannot refill my prescription until February 18.  I calmly asked why, they stated  we provided you with a 30 day supply for the prescription that was written. With my insurance they are not allowed to complete a refill until the 30 days expired.  . . I never knew that was possible, I thought when you NEEDED to refill a prescription, it was done! I guess I understand the caution, because people can become addicted to their medications and could sell/distribute their drugs . . . I get it! But that’s not my situation, and it’s unfair for CIGNA to put people in this predicament.So when I calmly explained that I will  run out of pills by Monday and asked “what do I do?” She repeated, we cannot do a refill until the 18th unless we receive a rewrite of prescription from your GI.  I calmly said thanks and hung up.

I was mad. It seemed to me that the pharmacist thought my predicament was nothing serious. I guess running out of pills that I’m suppose to take 6 times a day is not a big deal. I know IBD is a disease that people can live with, miserably. But people who need their medications to survive, would they have been told the same thing? I don’t think so.

I followed the pharmacist orders and called my GI’s office with little optimism and told the reception my situation. Of course I was transferred and of course it was a voice-mail! In the voice-mail greeting it stated how it can take up to 72 hours  to submit a new prescription to your pharmacy, since it was Friday I had to accept reality. Thus, for the past few days I have decreased my Apriso intake back to 4 pills a day, by doing so I will have Apriso pills until Wednesday. I’m assuming the change in prescription will not do too much damage, but honestly i don’t know.   I’m mad that my GI did not write a new prescription for the increase in intake, but maybe the increase is temporary. . IDK!!, and that’s the problem, it’s frustrating, it’s making me mad!  And since my colonoscopy follow-up appointment is March 2, I might as well wait to finally see my GI and voice my concerns and frustrations lately.

This trial and error period with these medications has been very stressful. And I’ll admit, it’s been hard for me to adjust to this new lifestyle . . I really need to take this as a learning experience and move on.  If i dwell too much, I will become stressed which is the last thing I need to do with my condition. In the meantime, I have to make an appointment with my primary physician and dentist, my overall health is more important than ever right now.

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