You gotta laugh :) – Superbowl AD . . .

I’m pretty sure you  guys saw the Doritos commercial where the guy is preventing people from sitting next to him on the plane.  I thought it was hilarious, and what stood out for me was when he was reading a book titled “How to manage Chronic IBS” Of course I bust out laughing and told my friend, “Oh that’s going on my blog!” 🙂 Then I thought would IBD be considered chronic IBS? But If the book was titled “How to manage IBD ?”, no one would have found it funny because no one knows what an IBD is, which is not surprising because I didn’t know until  I was diagnosed. I didn’t even know that there were Chron’s and Colitis walks to raise money to find a cure, or that a purple ribbon was the symbol for finding a cure for IBD. It’s really unfortunate that there is little awareness about this disease.

I think I took this commercial a little too serious, oops! Enjoy the funny commercial below 🙂

Also, did anyone take offense to the elderly woman’s reaction? I did lol I was grossed out when he was clipping his toenails, that’s disgusting!

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